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Grieve with Cintia, start feeling better today

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Find Hope and Purpose Again Without Saying Goodbye

You've Come To The Right Place
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You will quiet your mind; you will have direction and purpose again. You will connect with your grief in a way that brings you healing and empowerment.


Loss of Partner

The loss of a partner can be devastating, life altering for sure! What if you could find the strength and tools to process, rebuild and be empowered as you rebuild your new self? yes, it is possible to heal from tremendous loss. 


Unexpected losses

There is so much loss in our lives. We don't take enough time to process such as divorce, moving, friends, life style, jobs, goals and dreams we may have  that no longer seem possible. Together we can change that and work on those dream to make them a reality.


Loss of Child

There is no greater pain than losing a child, of any age. You must surrender to your grief and process this immense change in your life. With the right tools you can find hope and purpose again.


Loss to Suicide/Trauma

Traumatic loss requires us to surrender our grief very often without the answers we seek.  Trying to make sense of things we don't understand, we just know it hurts so much. With the right tools and the right healing environment, you can find peace. 


Pet Loss

Where else can we get unconditional love from if not from our pets.  They are often connected to loved ones we have lost. Is ok to process this loss and heal. We know how. 

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Life just wasn't important after my son died. Cintia gave me the tools to recognize my grief and embrace it. She also helped me understand, I would never be the same person again, but that I would always be a mom.

K. M. - Deland.

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