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Transform your life.
In person & online coaching 


As a Life Coach at InnerShe, I can help you discover resilience with tools for coping and growth.

My process is simple, straightforward, and highly effective.

• Learn coping strategies. • Tools for effective change. • Healing and empowerment from a devastating loss.

• Embrace your resilience. • Reclaim hope. • Expand meaning. • Regain purpose. 


Grief And Transition Often Go Together—It’s An Individual and Personal Process.

Rushing grief or transition is impossible. In fact, it is better to take your time and feel your way through it. The process of grief and transition is not simply about navigating your feelings; it is also about understanding the shock, anger, and guilt. It requires an inventory of where you have been and where you would like to go—what are your options now. Grief is about accepting your loss and navigating through the denial of its stagnant presence. It’s about rediscovering who you are and what it takes to rebuild your life around this forever event.

You have changed. Your losses have left you with a new version of yourself, one that will take time to discover. Through your transitions, you might need help sorting out your thoughts, reorganizing your mind, and your new life.

I often listen to clients put timelines on their grief, as society would want them to, and I try to encourage them to resist this practice. The loss of your loved one will always be a part of you. You have a different perspective now, different needs, and different surroundings. Timelines are acceptable for many life transitions, but not in the case of grief.

The path to healing can be challenging and overwhelming. I'll walk with you and help you understand your future.

Here’s what I know for certain…your life matters!


Cintia Mancuso, Counselor, MSW, MCC

Master Life Coach & Founder of InnerShe

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Change and transitions challenge us to grow, to expand our hearts, and to redefine our creativity. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a moment or event where we are stagnant and alone. At some point, it becomes imperative that we realize it is up to us to make the necessary changes that will ultimately lead us to an authentic life. You might be feeling the need to talk to a professional, someone that can listen without judgment. I invite you to sit in my office and find relief. I offer my compassion, respect, and experience. Empowerment through personalized coaching, support groups, and art expression. I will listen and help you identify past and future barriers. I can guide and help clarify goals for a hopeful and empowered life.


I have been navigating the oceans of change and transition through psychology training, Gottman couples coaching, and Clinical Social Work since 2010. My experience includes trauma and domestic violence. Relationship coaching through losses such as divorce, lifestyle, and friendships. Acceptance within the realms of women's rights, diversity, and LGBTQ. My own experiences with loss, and other life transitions, have taught me how overwhelming life can be.

After some of my own losses, and forced transitions, I felt defeated, worn out. I thought, am I too old to be here at this point in my life? Am I too young? What now? How do I begin again? Where do I find the courage to fulfill myself with integrity? I lost so much in such a short time, including dear friends, financial stability, and the courage to even get out of bed. I found myself wondering who I had become. You might be feeling stuck or lost. You may even be feeling like life is passing you by, growing, and moving forward without you.


I challenge you to shake your own ground, to grow. I invite you to find peace. I will share my experience and knowledge, and together we can work hard to reach your goals for the future.

Whatever stage of transition you might be going through, Innershe Transformation Center can help you become more than who you are today and create the life you want.

Welcome to Innershe!

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Empowerment Group 

"Calm mind brings inner strength and

self-confidence, so that's very important for

good health."

His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

Individual Support and Coaching

How long since you last felt like yourself?

Do you even know who you are?

Call me when you are ready to find yourself.

Group Support & Group Coaching

Feel like you don't fit in? People just don't get you? You feel different than everyone else?

Call me when you are ready to be part of a community that will support you.

Beyond what everyone sees

Your anxiety is getting worse and nobody knows how you feel.  you hate your job or tell yourself "things are not that bad" and you seem happy.

When you are ready to get busy sorting your life, call me.

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