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Transform your life.
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When you get up in the morning:

Do you say to yourself, "how long will this feeling last"?

Are you looking for purpose

Tired of being tired

Try to cope with immense sadness and not getting anywhere?

look in the mirror and not like what you see?

Having a hard time concentrating and making decisions

Felling nobody understand what you are going through.

Put on a face so you can hide.

Wonder if he will ever change?

I can help with that

Learn to listen to your needs

Solve your problems

Rediscover yourself

Empower yourself from a devastating loss

Learn how to talk to your mean inner critic. 

Discover hope

Expand the meaning of what is happening in your life

Regain purpose

Become the badass self you were always meant to be

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Cintia Mancuso, MSW, MCC

Master Life Coach & Founder of InnerShe


Here’s what I know for absolute sure… your life matters!! It’s the only one you have!! 

So, let’s talk about that miraculous life of yours.  What’s missing?  What’s making you sad? What do you need to make this journey intentional?  What has brought you to this place at this time looking for answers?  

“I don’t want to face this day”, “I am not strong enough to overcome this pain”, I don’t know how to move forward”, Perhaps your mind sounds something like this.  Maybe you even avoid looking in the mirror for fear of what you’ll find.  I AM WITH YOU! I understand that!  

So, how can we “fix” it?  Maybe we just need to change the directive.  There may be things that you can’t necessarily “fix” so you feel stuck.  You just need the tools to help you move forward with compassion and respect. 


Let me help you Rediscover yourself and do something about the conversations in your head.  Let's  Look for ways to love yourself, find meaning and purpose. Be awesome, be badass, be you!!

Welcome to Innershe!

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Empowerment Group 

"Calm mind brings inner strength and

self-confidence, so that's very important for

good health."

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How long since you last felt like yourself?

Do you even know who you are?

Call me when you are ready to find yourself.

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Feel like you don't fit in? People just don't get you? You feel different than everyone else?

Call me when you are ready to be part of a community that will support you.

Your anxiety is getting worse and nobody knows how you feel.  you hate your job or tell yourself "things are not that bad" and you seem happy.

When you are ready to get busy sorting your life, call me.

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