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Grieving is an individual and personal process. 

You have changed, losing your loved one has left you with a new version of you; one that will take some time to discover. After your loss you might need time and help sorting out your thoughts, organizing your mind and your new life. 

Rushing grief is impossible, in fact, it is better to take your time and feel your way through it. The process of grief is not only about navigating your feelings, it is also about understanding the shock, the anger, and guilt. Grief is about accepting your loss when you don’t want to accept it, it’s about rediscovering who you are now and what it takes to rebuild your life around this forever event. 

You might be feeling the need to talk to a professional, someone that can listen without judgement, someone that can help you understand this new life that faces you. You might even be feeling that you need to move on, move forward, hurry up or even ignore your pain altogether. I often listen to clients put timelines on their grief as society would want them to, and I try to encourage them to resist this practice. The death of your loved one will always be a part of you, therefore, you might have a different perspective now, different needs and different surroundings; take your time.  

Are you experiencing: 

  • The need to cope with immense sadness. 

  • Sleeping and eating.  

  • Are you wondering how to feel safe on your own. 

  • Body aches from sadness. 

  • Are you having to care for young children. 

  • Having a hard time concentrating and making decisions. 

  • Having to work and take care of financial responsibilities on your own. 

  • Having to reintegrate into everyday life. 

  • Trying to find you new identity. 

How I am here to help:  

  • Learn coping strategies. 

  • Tools for effective change. 

  • Heal and empowerment from devastating loss. 

  • Overcome lingering pain from loss of any kind. 

  • Discover your resilience.  

  • Discover hope. 

  • Expand meaning of what is happening in your life. 

  • Regain purpose. 

  • Become empowered for a new future.  

I invite you to read further and perhaps you might find some relief or an answer to a question you have. I invite you to sit in my office and fall apart, I offer you my compassion, respect and experience so that together we can find relief, clarity and empowerment.

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Cintia Mancuso

Master Life Coach & Founder of Innershe

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