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Grief Coaching, An Effective Life-Changing Alternative to Therapy

life coach near me orlando innershe

Healing your heart is possible, reinventing yourself is life changing, and loving yourself is amazing!!


You Can Heal and Transition Your Life.


  • Even if you don't have time.

  • Even if you think you will never be the same.

  • Even if you don't have anyone to support you.

  • Even if your loss just happened.

  • Even if you have lost who you are.

  • You can have clarity.

  • You can create a new version of yourself.

  • You can heal a loss without saying goodbye

  • You can reduce your anxiety and fear of the future.

  • You can learn to connect and move forward.

Heal It, Grow from It, and be Empowered by It

I have come to love this work because I have seen it change the lives of my clients as they surrender their need to heal. I invite you to seek out answers. I invite you sit with me in an environment of  respect and compassion. Change is possible! 

You've Come To The Right Place

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- Are you feeling stuck in grief? In a relationship? In your mind?  In your own limiting beliefs?  Let's find hope again!

- Spend quality time with friends.  Increase your creativity or save for that trip you were wanting to take.  Find a more fulfilling job and discover your purpose.  Most importantly, look in       the mirror and really love who you see.  

- Be who you were meant to be. Start today.  Get the support and tools you need to create the life you want.

Healing your heart is possible, reinventing yourself is life changing, and loving yourself is amazing!!

All circumstances are different, and we are all unique individuals  wanting change in our own way.  Here, at InnerShe, you can expect to heal;

  • Without intrusive push to grow faster than you know how.

  • Without wondering if "this" is ever going to change.

  • Without waiting years to see results, not knowing how to deal with your everyday setbacks.

  • Without the unknown of how to rebuild yourself.

  • Without feeling ashamed of what you feel.

  • Without having to apologize for expressing anger, shame or guilt.

You already have what it takes! All you need is a compassionate and experienced coach to guide you in a healthy way.

Life coach orlando innershe
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“There are no words to express my heartfelt feelings for Cintia and the compassion that she has given me! She has a special place in my heart forever. Cintia taught me how to breathe again . I continue to rebuild myself every day. I have the tools now. K.G.


The gift of Cintia's listening is invaluable to me.  I needed to grow, I didn't know what to do or where to start... I am a new person now I have learn that I matter and that I can do hard things. I have learned my value after a narcissistic relationship. -DC

Life coach near me


In a really strange way, my grief is sacred to me. I faced a lot of losses in a very short period of time. Working one on one with Cintia after the loss of my twins, helped me create a space that felt safe to be vulnerable and honest. After each session, I gained more confidence, that somehow some way, everything was going to be ok. I am forever grateful for Cintia's willingness to be of service to those of us grieving. My heart is grateful, por siempre. Thank you. -Autumn.

Life coach near me


Permission to heal with Cintia has changed my life. I did not know who I was after my divorce. I wanted more and didn't know where to begin. I tried conventional therapy and found myself making excuses not to go. Then I thought maybe a life coach is what I need. I was right. Cintia has so much experience, I was never embarrassed to to tell her what I needed to say. She always met me with respect and made me feel like I was not alone. We worked together on my plan for a long time. I have come a long way. I am so happy now with my new partner and life. -KG

Cintia Mancuso,
Life Coach, MSW, MCC

Over 14 years of experience helping people like you change their lives. There is nothing you can't do. I know it!

The Grief Coach for you
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