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 Life Coaching for Transforming Your Life

If you were to wake up tomorrow and your life was perfect what would be different?

- Self-esteem  - Narcissistic relationships - Career changes - Family relations - Grief - Transitions - Spiritual growth - Domestic violence - Changing perspective - Finances - Relationships - Couples - Any other way a person might want to change and grow.

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From my  14 years of experience working with clients, I can tell you that rebuilding yourself is a daily practice. Yes, this can be exhausting at times; however, it can be exciting and new. 

After some of my losses, and forced transitions, I felt defeated. I felt worn out. I thought, look at my age. What now? How can I begin again at this point in my life? How can I find a way to be happy and fulfilled? I found myself wondering and questioning who I was. I lost so much in such a short time including dear friends, financial stability, and courage to even get out of bed. I know I am not alone in this, and perhaps, you are finding yourself in a similar situation. You might be feeling stuck or lost. You may even be feeling like life is passing you by. Listen to that great sense of urgency in growing and moving forward.  Be empowered!!

Change and transitions challenge us to grow. To expand our hearts and minds, to redefine our creativity. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a moment—an event where we are stagnant and alone. At some point, it becomes imperative that we realize it is up to us to make the necessary changes that will ultimately lead us to an authentic life.

I challenge you to shake your own ground, to grow. I invite you to find peace. I will share my experience and knowledge, and together we can work hard to reach your goals for the future. Use the right tools made for you specifically. Let's create a plan that works for your schedule, budget and goals. You are in control of your change, you are in control of your life. 

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A few testimonials

Thanks to the tools I have received, I can move forward with confidence after my divorce I was devastated, without a compass, and lost. Seeing Cintia every week has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself.


The gift of Cintia's listening is invaluable to me. After the loss of my child the pain was unbearable. At InnerShe I felt seen. heard, and understood. I will cherish forever the gift you have given me.  I have learned so much about myself. I have worked hard. I have a new job, and a new relationship that is healthy and loving. I love me now and make time to show  me. 


I want to express how impressed I am with Cintia's incredible gift of listening. Her compassion is top-notch, I hope this community knows how lucky they are to have her serve DeLand.


“There are no words to express my heartfelt feelings for Cintia and the compassion that she has given me! She has a special place in my heart forever. Cintia taught me “how to breathe again” following the loss of my only child.”


“Cintia saved our lives after our son took his own life with her amazing gifts of compassion and understanding.”


“My first impression was that she was very respectful and compassionate of my situation.  We felt relief talking to her the first time.  Before then, I felt that nobody understood my pain.  I felt that Cintia truly understood my pain. Everyone, including my church, told me to get passed my feelings. Not Cintia, she made me feel like I was allowed to feel deeply and feel enough to grieve and accept. It felt like a process, and a journey to relief and Cintia was with me throughout my journey


In a really strange way, my grief is sacred to me. I faced a lot of losses in a very short period of time. Working one on one with Cintia, helped me create a space that felt safe to be vulnerable and honest. After each session, I gained more confidence, that somehow some way, everything was going to be ok. I am forever grateful for Cintia's willingness to be of service to those of us grieving. My heart is grateful, por siempre. Thank you.


- Autumn

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