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Coaching for Teens

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Teens just like adults make enormous efforts to change how they feel. They have trained themselves just like we adults do, to use tools that do not work. These often are the tools that brought them to their current situation.

Teens use the knowledge they have obtained from parents, peers, social media, and their own understanding of these. Trying and failing in their efforts, teens often give up on happiness. They neglect their health and delay their growth. Quite often unhappiness is manifested in bad grades, lack of friends, poor self-image, and neglected hygiene. How can we help our teens see their true potential, how can we help them tap into their amazing selves? I believe teens are the most genuine group of people I know; they are transparent and eager to be heard. Teens want to understand and crave connection and space to be themselves.

How can we as the adults in their lives be the consistent guidance that they need? How can we be compassionate and kind when they are not the easiest to love sometimes? As you may know, they often blame their problems on others and have a hard time taking responsibility for their action. They are trying to become adults; they are trying to be happy and most of all they are trying to belong.

"I believe that we all have the right answers inside of us and ultimately we know what we need to do, but stress, fear, and life itself gets in the way of the thoughts and inspiration we need to be true leaders to our teens." -Cintia Mancuso

Here are some of the things your teen might be experiencing:

Being overwhelmed Blaming others Feeling out of control

Bad habits Poor self-esteem Poor hygiene Limiting believes and thoughts

Teen coaching is not for every teen and the relationship between the teen and the coach will determine the success of the sessions. The growth of a teen is imperative for creating a happy and productive adult full of hope and good self-esteem. Whatever your teen wants to achieve, it is possible with the right coach.

Here is what InnerShe can help with:

Identifying obstacles and setbacks Changing thoughts and limiting believes Understanding in communication instead of pretending to understand Positive thinking Monitoring growth and self-regulating emotions


These are just a few of the amazing ways in which your teen can grow. At InnerShe we recognize that coaching can be expensive and not everyone can afford services, this is why I do not offer packages, sessions are fairly priced, and you pay as you go; session by session. Teens respond very well to the specific plans tailored to their own specific needs. Most who are consistent and participate in their growth see results within a month or so. I highly recommend teen coaching and other teen activities that are offered at InnerShe. We are dedicated to helping your teen achieve happiness.

You've Come To The Right Place

Sessions as low as $99.

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Great article, just in time for school! Sharing with my teens. Thank you.

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