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Benefits of Joining a Support Group

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

There are all types of support groups, and for all kinds of needs. Many support groups are led by professionals and others by peers or individuals who have experience. Groups are not for everyone; however, they can be beneficial. Here are a few insights from a support group provider.

There are others.

You are not alone; there are others out there who are struggling with some of the same things you are struggling. Perhaps not equally, yet with similar goals for change and understanding. Keep in mind no two experiences are the same, we are unique individuals, and as such we all feel differently.

Being able to say what you feel.

Giving your feelings a way to be released and or understood is key in any healing or change process. Being able to support others in their grief or in any other struggles as you are supported as well. Being able to listen to others and learn from them. Having several individuals cheer you on without judgment in your small or significant accomplishments can give you a sense of empowerment and hope.

Empowering hope.

How powerful it is to see others who have been through something similar to you and see their progress. Many times, others will recommend books or articles, places, and helpful information because it has helped them. These individuals can become positive role models and provide you with insight and tools.

Self-understanding and organization of thought.

Many times, we find ourselves confused and lost, sharing how we feel with others who might also be experiencing similar thoughts can provide less anxiety and normality to your own feelings and thoughts. Self-understanding always starts with acknowledgment only then, can be followed by acceptance. Sharing your current challenges can provide a better view of goals and understanding of the process.

Priceless bonds and friendships.

Support groups provide a platform for practice. Sometimes it is easier to share or be social among “our kind” the ones who have suffered a loss or recovering from an addiction, perhaps those of us who are navigating a hard transition of life. Practice with those that “get you” so that it becomes easier to function in other social areas of your life. Support and friendships emerge from groups every day, making transitions a less lonely process.


Joining a support group can be a lot more affordable than individual coaching. Often a group peer will say something that will strike your core, and you will gain understanding and insight in a way that will become part of you.

Finding the right group for you is important. Soak up information, take it home with you, practice. Then, when you are ready, share your story, your struggles, and your wisdom. Your next support group can offer you encouragement, validation, and tools to reach your goals.

I invite you to see the groups InnerShe offers, and perhaps you too can be empowered to a more hopeful and fulfilled future.

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